When I was a child, I always live in countryside with my grandfather. There are so many bamboo grow naturally around village and in every house’s garden, keeping green all year round.

In hot summer days, Bamboo blind the sunshine, make the air cool and generate shade, where villagers usually take a rest. They use bamboo for construction of house, make home furniture and décor.

My grandfather made bamboo bed, dining table, cupboard, drawers, chop stick, cup and tumbler. A lovely gift from my grandfather is a car made of bamboo, which I and my younger sister always race on. 

Bamboo can grow faster than others wood without the use of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides, that is a rich and eco-friendly materials for kitchenware and tools.

I decided to develop bamboo products to create more jobs for local artisian forward to environmental and economic sustainable life.

Bamboo dream
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