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10 reasons to chose Bamboo cutlery

  1. Bamboo cutlery is best for health.

There so many options for cutlery in modern kitchen nowadays, most popular are made of man-made materials like plastic, porcelain, aluminum and silver. Actually, no one can make cutlery by only one materials, manufacturer should add some more other materials to reach requirement of product specification and design. Let see how manufacturer use additional materials to make cutlery and what are the side effects of these materials.

Porcelain cutlery need glazing to make color, decorate and waterproof, glazing materials contain lead, metallic like silver, aluminum need to add nickel to make cutlery stronger, shine and anti-corrosion, nickel and aluminum are classified as heavy metal, these agents react with acidic foods make food taste change or dissolve with hot food. If heavy metal ingests our body in high dose, it causes anemia, renal problems, hypertension, eczema or some other health issues.

There is an endless argument on how to control the harmful effect of such substance on billions cutlery is being used every day. Of course, one assures the cutlery we are using in daily dinner are well controlled of lead and heavy metal and how to stop such harmful substance from ingesting our body.

There is no better way than avoid them and find a safer material for cutlery, we suggest a best choice is natural source material like wood, bamboo, areca leaf.

Health is costless, make your right decision on safest cutlery.

  1. Bamboo cutlery can do more

Bamboo cutlery have been using hundred years ago in Asia where rice is main food, most popular are cooking spoon, chopstick, spatula and toothpick. In recent years, bamboo fork, knife, soup spoon etc. are become more popular for all type of food like those made of metal or porcelain.

Actually, bamboo cutlery can do more than other type of cutlery because of its advantages. Since it lightweight then it is best idea for camping, travel, and hiking or any other outdoor activities to help your luggage lighter. It could be also cute enough to be a gift to your friends.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are durable

Bamboo cutlery is durable and reusable. The tensile strength of bamboo even higher than some other material, it strong enough to cut and hold food.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are hygiene

Scientist found bamboo “kun” in bamboo fiber, it is an antimicrobial bio-agent which gives bamboo natural antibacterial properties, this prevents bacteria from growing on bamboo products, certainly bamboo cutlery most sanitary.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are organic

Bamboo plant does not require fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals to help it grow, it means bamboo is totally organic.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are environment friendly

Bamboo decompose completely in some months without any harmful impact on other tree or animal, degraded bamboo even fertilizes trees surrounding where it disposed.

We all know plastic is most harmful for the environment, cutting down on plastic consumption should be considered seriously, reusable bamboo cutlery is great alternative to plastic single use.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are safe

Bamboo cutlery do not have sharp edge, keep you safe from being injured. The soft edges of bamboo cutlery do not scratch other utensil, keep your tray, plate or dish in great condition for longer. You also get no fear of heat since bamboo cutlery is low heat transition.

Since Bamboo is total organic, it does not leach or dissolve any harmful agent to food or react with acidic (sour) food.

  1. Bamboo cutlery have good appearance

Our lovely bamboo cutlery dimension and shape are fit to standard, very comfortable in use for different kind of food.

Bamboo cutlery brings fresh and natural look to any home or kitchen as well as great elegant style for restaurants, bars, catered events.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are crafted with love.

After the bamboo is harvested, artisan dry it under sunshine, cut to designed shape, handy polish to best smooth surface, then coated by food-safe oil to keep them preserved and in good looking.

  1. Bamboo cutlery are easy to use and maintenance

Bamboo cutlery requires no special maintenance, you can wash it with cold or hot water and keep it dry after use.

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